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Zoning, Land Use, and Permitting

Drago + Toscano guides residential and commercial real estate development projects to approval by representing its clients before municipal Zoning Boards of Appeal agencies. The firm’s clients include large and small residential and commercial developers. Drago + Toscano specializes in the Article 80 project review process in the City of Boston. The firm helps developers navigate through the BPDA and Zoning Board of Appeal hearings, and ultimately, in securing their permits.
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Short-Term Rental Permitting

In January of 2019, the City of Boston enacted an ordinance restricting short-term residential rentals in the City of Boston. This new ordinance places limitations on the amount of short-term rental units that were previously operated in the City of Boston. In addition, the ordinance requires short-term residential rental units to be registered in Boston. In response to the passage of this ordinance, Drago + Toscano, LLP devoted considerable time to studying the ordinance to ascertain what it means for developers and operators of short-term rental properties. A leader in this field, Drago + Toscano represents some of the largest short-term rental operators in Massachusetts. We are committed to helping our clients navigate this complex area by continuing to push for the re-zoning and approval of short-term rental properties in the City of Boston and surrounding communities.

Licensing for Alcohol, Food, and Entertainment

Drago + Toscano represents clients before local and state licensing authorities, including the state ABCC and local boards, to obtain liquor, food, and entertainment licenses. The firm counts as clients many restaurant owners and business establishments seeking to serve alcohol. Drago + Toscano helps its clients obtain all-alcohol, wine and malt, and common victualler licenses. For its entertainment clients, the firm provides representation before the Consumer Affairs and Licensing Bureau.

Government Relations

Drago + Toscano’s services include strategic consulting for its corporate and nonprofit clients. Through working with municipal and state officials, Drago + Toscano helps its clients achieve their goals and advance their interests.
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Real Estate Development and Transactions

Drago + Toscano represents clients on a wide variety of residential and commercial real estate matters, including drafting offers to purchase, zoning analysis and decisions, condominium documents, and project notification forms.
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“Drago & Toscano’s extensive experience and intimate knowledge of state and local government agencies and legislative processes was instrumental in Happy Valley’s securing one of the limited medical marijuana licenses issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”

Michael Reardon, Chairman, Happy Valley Ventures MA, Inc.